Friday, May 7, 2010

Do yourself a favour and watch this!!!

I loved this show, you can watch it online at SBS, link at the bottom of page.

Disable Bodied Sailors

One man, one boat and one motley crew, all with one mission: to complete the world’s most dangerous and deadly ocean race. This is the story of the Sailors with disabilities, a crew where broken backs and missing limbs present no obstacle.

Sailors with disabilities is committed to changing society's perception of people with disabilities (visit the website for more information and follow the show on Twitter here).

Setting out on their 17th Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is one mighty crew; led by skipper David Pescud, they have twice won their division in the Hobart, and are World Record holders for circumnavigating Australia.

But this year there are going to be big changes onboard the so-called Cripple Express. David is missing key positions on his boat, and he wants them to be filled by new crew members who have never sailed before. And, they’ve got to be disabled.

In the months leading up to the dangerous Sydney to Hobart yacht David and his core crew of disabled sailors initiate a new group of keen but unaware contenders with a multitude of disabilities, including missing limbs, broken backs, degenerative diseases and stroke suffers to sailing.

They learn the ropes of sailing in a baptism of fire through storms and swells, and in wet and wild conditions. But there are just a few spots available on the boat.

In the end, only those who skipper David Pescud is convinced can handle the physical and mental torture of the world’s most dangerous open water yacht race, will get their ticket to Hobart.

Link to shows online.

The program makes great viewing, and Jen & I thought we did it tough.

Highly recommended.


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