Sunday, November 29, 2009

Come Monday

I have only 8 more working days left before I'm finished work, and commence on my 35 year old dream. Lucky for me its become Jen's dream as well. Jen finishes work on the 8th Dec. I'm amazed at how lucky I am to have a partner that shares my passion. Today we took another step closer as we started to stock the Crazy with favourite things from home, like books, DVD's etc: All music is going via Iphone:(we are so up to date with technology,!!!, remembering this is coming from a man who said the CD would never catch on???).
Today I vaccumed the bilge and degreased the motor, because of the mess from changing fuel lines earlier in the week. I'm as green as Malcolm Turnball so no dirty bilge water into mother ocean.
The pics posted are cruising and surfing guides that we loaded on board today and hope to utilize over the coming years. (thanks John King for your keen ebay and Aldi skills, also Aunti Shirley and John.)
You may be wondering why the title of the blog is Come Monday? We are very fortunate to have wonderful neighbours, Dennis and Denise, who lavished us with nautical oddities as a bon voyage. (Thanks but we are still recoving from the heavy night). Included in their gifts was a Jimmy Buffet CD, with Come Monday on it. This song has special significance for Johnny Jenkins(flood magnet @ Belligen) and myself when in our teens we did a great drunken rendition of same song, in the now defunct Scarf Brothers.
We are getting quite excited as our departure date nears. Standby for more posts in the coming 2 weeks.

Glenn and Jen(editor)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New stove

Here is a pic of the new stove, and Jens super designed and manufactured Lee Cloth. Now I can cook and feed the crew. Just exactly what Jens always wanted, someone that can boil water, whilst sleeping soundly in the new lee cloth.

The 64 mts of chain is sitting in the anchor locker, but not really worth a pic. I only have 13 days left at work, but who's counting. Another dust storm has covered the Crazy in dust and mud again, out comes the scrubbing brush and water.

Glenn(blogged from my iPhone)

Tuesday 24/11/09

Another big day, I finally convinced Paul from Batemans Bay marine (Paul is our hero, he saved Crazy Lady from certain death last year, when she broke her mooring and decided to go sailing without us) to come down and go over the engine with me and show me how to maintain it. We ended up re-organising the fuel system to make it simpler for me to understand. We spent the day renewing and re-routing all fuel feeds, replacing filters bleeding the system and servicing the motor. Ummmm I think that OHS training is a much easier job. Jen was on fire helping us with tools, clamps, coffee and cake. How come she knows where everything is????.


Friday, November 13, 2009

1st Post.

It's about a month before we head out on our sailing and surfing adventure, and we are intending to just "give it a go". This afternoon, I finally put my Aldi folding bike together, this hopefully will be my only form of on-land transport for some time to come. (I've been driving at least 60,000 ks a year for the last 10 years for work). I will be very happy to never drive again. The last 6 months have been kinda blurry, with both of us working our arses off, (me whinging alot) and fixing Crazy Lady in preparation her for the big trip. The next few weeks will see us bringing it all together, but if the boat's not ready before the departure date we will still go and do the little jobs on the way. What's the plan you ask? Well our plan is that there is no plan; just go with the weather and cruise. Tomorrow we will install the new stove/oven and another 64 mtrs of new anchor chain.

We will try and update this blog every few days in the hope that friends and family can have written proof that we really are totally mad, and indeed the perfect crew for CRAZY LADY.