Saturday, June 12, 2010

Too busy to blog and too tired to type!

The abominable snowman Mt Wellington Hobart

Mt Wellington after a day at the beach.

A winters day at the beach

Autumn leaves Jenster behind

Sorry, but we must apologise for our lack of blogging of late. We have decided to sit out the winter in Hobart. So that means that we aren't sailing much. At the moment you could call our blog the "Stationary Adventures of Crazy Lady".
Yes we are still living aboard and enjoying it.
As a matter of fact the advantages of living on a yacht are numerous.

To fill in our time we have decided to get jobs.
Actually that's not the real reason, we have run out of money!. (not surprising at all.)
It's amazing how much we spent living frugally in our 6 months of cruising.

Jen is working as an RN at a modern facility just up the road from Wrest Point Casino.
It's about 5 minutes walk from our berth at The Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania. (our membership is pending) Soon we will be very royal indeed.

I've been employed as an OHS consultant.
My 1st project is as Site Safety Manager on a $34 million upgrade of a commercial fish food factory. I feel really lucky to have scored a job with a company that has such high integrity and a very similar philosophy as myself when it comes to work site safety.
My philosophy is: "its got bugger all to do with work, its all about what you do on the weekends" This is why you have to stay safe at work.

Tasmania's weather is not as bad as I expected.
Yes it's cold, we have had snow, sleet and ice, but its bearable.
Jen would like to add that its only autumn, and thats just the conditions inside the boat.

In summary we are back on the chain gang.
Sorry to those who we worried by our lapses in blogging, and thanks so much for your concern and phone calls.

Jen & Glenn


  1. I am really getting the hint that I should go sailing to Tassie. Then you can’t beat the IPM work/life balance philosophy! I am also missing my yearly dose of the Tassie wilderness. Except for a current head cold that snow looks fun gotta love how the snowcapped Mount Wellington graces Hobart!


    Surfer Shane (from Cruiser’s Forum)

  2. Hi,
    Great blog, I sailed a South Coast 36 (Gin Rummy) out of the RYCT for nearly 20 years with my father they are a great boat.

  3. did u get our mail/ugot mail
    mate this blog stuff is hard work

  4. hanging to catch up when it stops snowin on your boat ,looks like spanner weather.
    A short surf report//river mouth 5ft left & rites
    sat & sundy
    Wally & Kas
    soon to go to tassie

  5. Hi Jen and Glen
    Would like to join the SC36 owners group but can't seem to get it to work.