Monday, April 26, 2010

The Lost Weeks

2 houses with views, The Great Ocean Road.

The 12 Apostles

Glenn with Casper.

A school of fish, Torquay Surf Shop.

We are now back in Kettering Tasmania, and looking forward to spending the next 10 to 11 months in Tassie exploring. We are now packing Crazy with more books, DVD's, warmer clothes etc: that we salvaged from our house.

So the last few weeks have been lost in a swirl of organising, getting rid of things, travelling and having adventures.

I sold our old Merc (1982 300D Merc in imaculate condition, Gormsby was his name) on Ebay, the guy who purchased her lived in Melbourne and was going to fly up to Tabourie to pick her up. I offered to deliver Gormsby to Melb for him. This gave me one last great road trip in poor old Gormsby, I was sorry to see him drive off into the sunset in Melbourne.

We have purchased another vehicle for getting to the inland and out of the way places in Tassie, a 1996 Toyota Ute 4x4 extended cab 2.8D off our friends Dave & Gerti who have given us a great warranty 5 years or 500,000klms. Not bad for a 14 year old car. So Jen drove the ute (truck Jen's word for it) down to Melb.

Someone told me there was no need to book on the Spirit of Tasmania, because it is the off season, so I didn't book. Imagine my surprise last week when I rang and tried to get on, sorry no vacancy's until Sat night. No one told me their was a hoon rally, Targra Tasmania on this week, so trailer loads of hoon vehicles were being transported down to Devonport. No room for sensible 4x4's. More about Targra Tasmania later.

So we had about 6 days in Melbourne, after 2 days of eating myself silly at the Queen Victoria Markets, we decided to take a 3 day drive down The Great Ocean Road. This was a good move, as I hired a surfboard and had some great surf on the way. I also brought a 4/3 wetsuit on sale in Torquay to help keep me in the water through the tough Tassie winter. Now if you don't know, Torquay is the capital of surfing in Australia, not only do they have miles of great surf beaches, the whole town economy is driven by surfing. Fortysix years ago, when I started surfing who could of imagined that!
As usual we loved our trip along The Great Ocean Road, someone commented to me, that Jen & I love everywhere, I guess we love the adventure of travelling and seeing new places, although I have been down the GOR a few times, this was Jen's 1st trip. Yes and she loved it too, especially our visit to the 12 Apostles.

Next Blog: Our next trip across Bass Strait in 40 knts plus, or how to do it the easy way, and our drive down through central Tasmania.


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