Saturday, May 1, 2010

Brunny Island again!

The left looks good, you should have seen the rights
in my secret spot.

Lines of groundswell.

Waves, waves and more waves, we sat out the low pressure system the other day in the marina, with some gusts reading 52 knts . The result a beautiful groundswell pumping into cloudy bay.

These pics show you the swell but not where I surfed. I wished I took my camera, but its a 1 klm walk thru the bush, a paddle across a lagoon, walk again around the headland and half klm to paddle out. Look at the sandbar on the map and you will see what I mean. I was lonely surfing it by myself.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nomads, Just back from Hervey Bay... loved the artwork Jen. You two still having fun, fun, fun. Had a thought, how about "rockincrazylady" in the name.
    Will keep following your travels - you lucky ducks.
    Cheers from an envious D&D