Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Competition .com .com .com

Would you buy a slightly stained wetsuit
from this man?
Glenn at the Garage Sale

Seeing how Bruce, Denise and Brenna were so good at Tie me anchor chain down, and the fact that I'm becoming so tech savy with the internet.

We have made the decision to change over to Wordpress, where we can have a more user friendly and better looking blog with more options.

This will involve getting a new domain name. So we are looking for your suggestions.
Should it be:

Or if you can come up with a better name, we would love to hear it. Like to try and keep the Crazy Lady name in there somewhere.

Now this includes all you lurkers out there, please help with a new name.

Had our Garage Sale today, we are now a lot lighter on stuff.


  1. Hi guys its Karen here.Wally wants to know what happend to the crutch of his old wetty(quick eaze)
    Sorry we missed you when back at Toubouri.We just spent a couple of days anchored at Ulla now at hole in wall 35 knt n.wester up and down not side to side.Any way just read the blog love it.
    Love Karen and that other bloke



  3. Hi Jen and Glenn,have finally been able to catch up with your journey and look forward to tracking the next part of it. Take care, Heather