Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Packing up your Life: Part IV


Some of my record collection, after some sorting.

I'm not really sure what part this is, but those that know me well will realize that I have packed up and gone 4 or 3 times before.(won't admit to being thrown out) I will tell you this it does not get easier with age.....

Try this for an exercise, start at your front door, taking one room at a time, look around at your possessions in each room. Make a list of all the things in each, that you could live without. We have done this and have realized, that most of its just stuff!!!

As I came into this relationship with Jen, owning 5 pairs of slightly used and undersized underpants, and 1/2 a mortgage oh + my record collection and Cd's. I know all about the STUFF phenomenon.

Mmmmm, my record's and Cd's have to stay. Sorry I can't live without them. Speaking of records, here is another experiment, get out your old lp's, hook up your turntable and hear the warmth of good old vinyl. I must admit I have been doing that and loving it. Bit hard to play records while sailing across Bass Strait.

I know I'm wandering all over the place as usual, but we have gathered our stuff, selling it on ebay and having a massive garage sale this coming Saturday, the bad news is we missed the classified add deadline with the local paper, and now have to try and do it with posters and word of mouth!

I got slammed on Sunday arvo, while surfing a local beach break. The waves were about 4ft and breaking into about 18" of water, very nice and hollow. After pulling out of a great tubing right hander, I started to paddle back out, when I saw another wave peaking on the sandbar. I tried to paddle over it, but alas I was too late, the wave picked me up and slammed me shoulder 1st into the sand. This jarred my body with incredible intensity, knocked the wind out of me as well. I managed to hobble home with my mates, trying to act brave while my body felt as if I had gone 3 rounds with Mike Tyson. When I got home I was able to cry and have Jen apply 1st aid and potions and liniments, for the broken bones that I never had.(thought I did) These injuries have so far kept me out of the water for 2 days as I'm still very sore. Think I will be right for Wednesday.



  1. Glenn, Never one to shirk a challenge, I offer the following: [realising nautical is not in my dictionary and my only memories of Rolf are those in The Goodies where 100s of Rolf clones were set loose on England?]
    About to be under-whelmed:

    What’s that I see next door, Den [nis]?
    What’s that I see next door?
    The lights are glowing once more, Den
    Lights are shining once more. Altogether now [chorus]

    Are their sailing days to end? Den
    Have their sailing days come to an end,
    No more yachting for them? [Jen and Glenn]
    No more yachting for them. Once, again [chorus]

    Alas, I fear it’s a trick, Den
    But alas, I fear it’s a trick
    There’s lots of “stuff” on their lawn, Den
    It’s a garage sale, come quick? Altogether now [chorus]

    It’s true their friends are aghast, Den
    True all their friends are aghast
    Knowing they are to cast off, Den
    Knowing they are to depart. Altogether now [chorus]

    But we know its proper and right, Den
    We all know it’s proper and right,
    They sail through the day and night, Den
    Sail through the day and night. Altogether now [chorus]

    So “Bon Voyage” keep yachting on, Jen and Glenn
    We’ll miss you but keep yachting on,
    “You have to have fun while you can, Jen and Glenn
    ‘Cause looks what happened to them [your neighbour’s?]
    They can’t stop stut-ter-ing!”

  2. Good one Denise, once again you have shown not only can you cook, but have great poetic potential.

    Thanks for the coffee and cream........